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Reiki and Corona virus

A message from Torsten:


Dear Friends,


The spread of the Coronavirus - COVID-19 - is obviously a major concern at present. A lot of people are therefore wondering whether now is actually a good time to learn Reiki.


My answer is very clear: In the absence of approved medication and vaccinations, the best way to combat the virus is through a good immune system. And this is exactly what Reiki is known to help with…


Personally, I find that Reiki gives me more energy, reduces the effects of infections, and kick-starts the body’s self-healing abilities. Anecdotal evidence from my thousands of students suggests that Reiki helped them reducing symptoms of a huge variety of illnesses. And we have the scientific evidence that Reiki even improves the quality of water.


Therefore, my advice with regards to the Coronavirus is:

Reiki is the best tool you can possibly have in dealing with it!


We are therefore offering a range of very comprehensive Reiki online courses at specially reduced prices. When times have returned to normal, students are welcome to re-take the same course live - at half price. 

Maybe these challenging times can actually have the effect of helping us to focus more on healing and self-care - and inspire us to look for deeper answers and guidance…


Love, Torsten  

Disclaimer – Please note that the above statement is a personal opinion and should not be treated as medical advice. Always consult a medical professional with any concerns. Should you have any symptoms connected with the Coronavirus, please seek immediate professional advice.

Specific results of Reiki treatments cannot be guaranteed.

Corona Virus
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